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About Us

Andrews Toffee Owners, Janet and Graham Payne

Owners and Toffee Artists

You might just call them “toffee artists”. Janet Payne and her British husband, Graham, personally craft each batch of Andrews Toffee from scratch. If you’ve ever tried to make toffee, you’ll know that it is not as simple as just following a recipe; there’s an art to doing it just right.

By combining her family recipe with his critical and refined sense for what true English toffee should taste like, Janet and Graham hand-make the kind of toffee that creates memories. The flavor and texture is unforgettable.  “Andrews Toffee” targets two depths of satisfaction. The first: You feel the initial, “Mmmm.”  And the second, deeper level: You process the full, buttery, chocolaty, crunchy “Wow!” that turns every bite into an experience.

Our Story

Janet Payne first learned the art of making toffee when she was little and standing in the kitchen of her grandmother, Neola Andrews. Today, she recalls many happy memories of stirring pots of melted butter and chocolate as her grandmother, mother (Verlyn), and two aunts (Sherrill and Sandy) made toffee for friends and family.  She also never forgot how genuinely excited and grateful people seemed when they received the toffee as a gift.

Janet wanted to continue that Andrews tradition of making delicious treats that have the power to instantly light up faces.  So, she taught her husband, Graham, the craft and they began to make toffee together for their friends.

Janet and Graham turned Andrews Toffee into their business to share with you the thing that they do best, and better than anyone else. Using the family recipe and only the finest ingredients, they create a candy that delivers a rich toffee experience and, even more importantly, a smile that’s sweet and full with satisfaction.

Our Toffee

Outstanding Ingredients

Pecans, not almonds! Locally grown pecans add texture and richness for a fuller, butterier experience.

Toffee Perfection!

Andrews Toffee is a carefully, hand-stirred balance of pecans, creamy butter and sugar. The toffee is topped with a fine layer of milk chocolate and sprinkled with pecans. The result is a blend of ingredients that all enhance, not overpower, the unique flavor and texture of exquisite toffee.

Show Stoppers!

Andrews Toffee is a customer favorite at local events and shows all around the Atlanta area.

Upcoming Events

If you're in the Atlanta area, please stop by and say hello! We'd love to meet you and let you try our free samples of toffee. We'll keep you informed of upcoming shows on our news blog.

Thoughtful Affordableness

Andrews Toffee makes a unique, personal, and always appreciated gift!

Chocolate is Typical, but Toffee...

The gift of fresh, hand-made toffee is more memorable and appreciated than the typical corporate thank you, party favor, or wedding or holiday gift. Our beautiful gift bags and boxes are priced right and perfect for any occasion!